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It’s literally insane.

Pokemon Go, the new app launched officially in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan July 6th and people are already reaching their exercise-related New Year’s resolutions in a matter of three days.  In these short three days, people have come together, given tips and tricks, walked miles, and dominated gyms in their neighborhoods. It’s literally insane. In the states, FLOTUS Michelle Obama has dedicated years to ending childhood obesity and in literally less than 24 hours, Nintendo and Niantic have gotten people outside and on the go. In my personal social circle, I have seen families go out on hikes to find Pokemon and friends making impromptu road trips just to find these cute little virtual creatures.

It’s actually refreshing. In the United States national news, we have had massacre after massacre, senseless death after senseless death. So having an outlet that speaks to everyone that has brought people together regardless of political and social standings is really great. In my County, I have started a facebook group just to help other trainers out.

This mobile game has really outdone a lot of console and other mobile games. Not only does it bring the game into te real world it brings people together and has a great use of augmented reality. Honestly, the AR could be better and so good the GPS terrain but it is merely in its baby stages. That’s a benefit of it being an app, it can be updated constantly and players/users can easily access those updates for free. I’ll definitely talk more about the impact this app has on the gaming community and digital media studies in another post.

For now, check out the app, have fun, and go on some adventures. Also, take the time to name your Pokemon it can be really fun!

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