One question I ask myself frequently is, “Am I adulting right?” The answer more often than not is big,”I have no clue”.

I know I am not the only one who ask themselves this question. I also know it is not reserved for people in their twenties. It goes along with that age-old question “what do you want to be when you grow up”. I guarantee if you ask any “grown-up” you will get the same answer, “I don’t know”. It is very similar with the “I have no clue” answer.

We may have regressed since the concept of childhood had become commonplace in the ideologies and verbiage of common folk. It is for the best really. The way we live is vastly different than what it was one hundred years ago. Hell, we live differently than we did thirty years ago. Labor reforms, how we become educated, and even how we get to work is different than our grandparents. Yes, history repeats itself but it always changes shape.

I come from a long line of privileged women. My great-grandmother, who was born in 1913, graduated college. If that doesn’t tell you the significance historically I will gladly post some references in a future post. However, how my great-grandmother attended college and obtained her first job is unparalleled with how I achieved these same things in life. Similar instances, different meaning, and significance.

Now about adulting. The reason I bring up history is because the events from the past greatly influence the future, including the actions of our ancestors in our own lives. In terms of our ancestors, they have fought wars, fought injustices on the home front, and tried to raise families at very young ages. The key to figuring how to Adult is in the idea of responsibilities at a young age. I am no way shape or form trying to excuse or say that one generation of people had it harder than the other.  I am saying that there are more joker cards stacked against us than our forebears.

In my generation, I have lived through: Columbine, Sandy Hook, 9/11, Virginia Tech, The Los Angeles Race Riots, WWE, Clinton Scandal(s), The recession, Stock Market Crashes, The housing market crash, bailouts, the Club Pulse hate crime, Trayvon Martin, and many other’s deaths, and may more instances than I like to count. I was born in 1992 and my generation of children have had to grow up with the constant fear of going to school and possibly not going home. I can see why people don’t really want to Adult or can’t adult. We are in a permanent fight or flight response. We had to grow up way too quick to protect ourselves in a hastily ever changing world.

How to Adult... We don’t. We child. We reject the rules and standards of society within reason. The same society that tells us to grow up is the same that built this hellscape.

Blow those bubbles inside. Dress in mismatching patterns and flaunt it. If you want to travel the globe in a van converted into a house, DO IT.

A quick explanation for those who don’t understand. Life is short. We are never promised tomorrow. That is exactly why we have to live for today. Millennials seem ungrateful, but we know better. We have seen and heard so much from a young age, no wonder we are depressed and anxious.

Let them hate from afar for you being giddy riding the tram to go to Disney World (see post picture, that lady was throwing some serious shade). Let them call you irresponsible for spending your hard earned money on a traveling adventure. Spend the rest of your income tax return on those books that have been on your amazon wish list for ages. Exploring your life and figuring yourself out isn’t selfish or childish. It is the true essence of “Adult”(let’s bottle that up and sell it “adult, true essence”).

I hope you enjoyed this random piece. I am hoping to post some examples of “adulting” every Thursday. Stay tuned and I looked forward to playing with you all again soon.

Player one has saved the game.