Squirtle Squad, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, and Pikachu at MetroCon Tampa 2016


I have been going to cons since I could afford to go. When I started to attend University I became more aware that there were these things such as cons. My first convention was Metrocon in Tampa and it sort of grew from there.  I have made great friends at Cons. One of my closest friends I met at MetroCon last year. She is an absolute treat and has her own Patreon and Tumblr Account. I’ll post about her in my diary/log page. This year MetroCon offered free autographs from all the celebrities at the con to all attendees. That is what set it aside and higher tier than MegaCon this year. Step the game up MegaCon. I’ll be attending Animate! This year in Ft. Lauderdale FL, which will be a first for me.


Since this is convention season I thought I would talk about the Con in Conventions. Aside from the highway robbery that is convention food prices (like what the hell?) I have some issues with how people A) act at cons and B) how some people treat the people that go to their cons. I particularly don’t like how some of the vendors in the vendor room treat the congoers. They sometimes stare at people in cosplay and judge them. Others I understand they need to make money but they hike up the prices so high. I am not talking about the artists at all. They work hard and pay a lot for their work, with that being said, please do not take pictures of their art without asking.


When I say how people treat the people that go to their cons, I am talking about the great Santa Fe Comic Con debacle. You know, the one where the organizer slut shames and takes on an angry beast which is the cosplay community. I personally love perks just paying to be at a convention. I am still in awe of what MetroCon did this year. Most people spend all their available funds for a hotel and attendance, not counting their cosplay, so it helps when they cut autograph costs to non-existent.


I am not going to talk about the issues with cosplaying in this post as I have had no issues at any of the cons I attended with shaming or harassment. My friend always dresses in rave gear and has not had any problems except that she gets stopped constantly for pictures, which can get annoying when she is trying to browse or wait in line.

As always, I will be posting about the next convention I go to and you all stay safe. Player one has saved the game.