A little personal snippet about myself. I basically spent the last six years of my college career pursuing majors that don’t fit what I truly love. It wasn’t until my final year(s)(I say years because it is taking me longer than I want to graduate) that I found my calling. I absolutely love writing about and playing video games.

I’m not talking about New York Times Reviews writing either. I am hinting at critical analyses of games and their influence as an art and as a technical tool that we use. One of my favorite writers and easiest, in my opinion, to digest is Ian Bogost. I have been reading some of his works slowly. It’s not that it’s not engaging, far from it. I have been so consumed with work and then spending hours on the weekend playing Twilight Princess HD (it’s amazing if you don’t know, it’s so fluid and engaging).

I stumbled upon his work in my senior year of undergrad and referenced his work  in my essay about empathy in gaming, primarily focusing on Nintendo’s Majora’s Mask for 3DS for analysis.

So far, everything I have read about him and his written works are great. He is a credible source with many years under his belt. So far so good.

If you yourself would like to partake in some of his works here is a link to all the things he has published on his own site. Ian Bogost published books. I honestly think his website is a wordpress site, but I could be wrong.

Please enjoy his many works, I know I have and currently am. Until next time, Player one has exited the game.