Well hello there good looking! Welcome to the first post of Suggestive Sundays where I list some of my favorite songs, foods, games, books, and videos of the past week. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these things as much as I do and possibly gain some EXP by enjoying some new things.

This week in songs has to be this amazing song by Tokyo Elvis. I absolutely love Vocaloid songs. I view it a talent to e able to convey emotions with a computer program. I also have to add that the fantastic Blood Code • ブラッドコード has uploaded a full version of Casino Zone. If you love chiptune remixes Blood Code is a must.

In terms of food products, Starbucks has come out with a Citrus Green Tea Latte/Frappucino Duo. It contains green tea, citrus mint syrup, and Macha. I personally enjoy the iced latte version of this drink. My only qualm with it is the Macha loves to sit on the bottom of the cup.

My games of the week are Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS, Final Fantasy Explorers for the same system, and the newly released Twilight Princess HD for the WiiU. Twilight Princess HD is beautiful and truly embodies all that the first release wanted to give to the player. Also, the Wolf Link Amiibo is freaking adorable. However, according to the Nintendo America website, it isn’t listed as compatible with Hyrule Warriors at this time, or any game for that matter. http://www.nintendo.com/amiibo/compatibility We will just have to wait and see. I will most certainly be testing it out in the near future when I need a change of pace from Twilight Princess HD.

I am still trying to finish up reading Ian Bogost’s How to Talk About Videogames. I’ll be writing a critique and some thoughts about the book as soon as I finish it.

So what are your thoughts on Twilight Princess HD?  Have you had any new conquests in the games you have played recently? Or, what do you think of the amazing video game inspired tracks I have suggested? Please leave your comments below.