Ninja Sex Party, or NSP for short, has just announced the release of their new cover album Under the Covers. It’s due for release March 4th and they have released a video for one of their covers of  Take on Me. So far the video and the previews of the songs on the album are killer and with the collaboration with Tupper Ware Remix Party it’s certainly guaranteed to be worth every penny spent.

Dan Avidan, the vocalist, just has an amazing voice that just makes sweet unadulterated love with one’s ear drums. He is quite talented which is becoming ever more apparent in this album. However it can be easily argued that he could have gone a higher octave, nonetheless, he is becoming more and more impressive each and every time a new album comes out. Brian Wecht isn’t a push over either, going by “Ninja Brian”, kicking some serious ass on the actual  music.

Now, for your listening pleasure is their version of Take on Me.  You can also pre-order their new album here: