For my first ever post I would like to introduce myself first and foremost, I am a filthy casual gamer. Yes, I know. Even saying it gives me a dirty taste in my mouth but it is true. Recently I have started playing the new Final Fantasy Explorers game. I can only play so much as I have promised my manfriend that we would play together. Our schedules don’t mesh unfortunately so I have had to put that on hold. So far I give it a 7 out of 10 mudkips. I can’t really stick by this rating as I haven’t: A) fully completed the game, B) played a new Final Fantasy game since XII, and C) my most recent has been replaying a PSP remake of FFIV (which is the best, CECIL). It offers the Dragoon class which to me is awesome. This is also coming from someone who cannot afford FFXIV online and I would most certainly choose to be a Dragoon.

Besides me being a casual in which Miyamoto has shown his disdain for, I have many other interests in pop culture. Many eons ago I would have never been able to call gamer or nerd culture pop culture but it is becoming more acceptable to identify as such. It’s actually a fad among young teens. I have grown up immersed in the nerddom from Star Wars marathons every summer at my grandmother’s house as far as to watching my uncle program and debug some quests on the old but familiar MMORP EverQuest.  As a product of the 90s I also enjoy tons of anime and manga, more so manga as I enjoy the art style.

How does this all correlate or have any meaning to this blog? Why should I read this?

Well, for the first question you may be asking yourself, these are some of the things I will be discussing or writing about here. It all started with a short college paper about MMORPs and subjectivity. I enjoyed writing this paper and plan to write many more lengthy papers. I went on to write a 15-page analysis paper on Nintendos  Majora’s Mask and Empathy in games and cannot see myself writing about anything else. At this time, I will use this as a format to get some ideas ironed out and share them with the world. As for the second posed question, it may be enjoyable and in this format, I highly suggest becoming an active participant by discussing the topics presented and commenting.

I greatly hope that you enjoy everything that is posted here and if not please be respectful and intelligent with your responses.

Ready Player One?