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How To Adult

One question I ask myself frequently is, “Am I adulting right?” The answer more often than not is big,”I have no clue”.

I know I am not the only one who ask themselves this question. I also know it is not reserved for people in their twenties. It goes along with that age-old question “what do you want to be when you grow up”. I guarantee if you ask any “grown-up” you will get the same answer, “I don’t know”. It is very similar with the “I have no clue” answer.

We may have regressed since the concept of childhood had become commonplace in the ideologies and verbiage of common folk. It is for the best really. The way we live is vastly different than what it was one hundred years ago. Hell, we live differently than we did thirty years ago. Labor reforms, how we become educated, and even how we get to work is different than our grandparents. Yes, history repeats itself but it always changes shape.

I come from a long line of privileged women. My great-grandmother, who was born in 1913, graduated college. If that doesn’t tell you the significance historically I will gladly post some references in a future post. However, how my great-grandmother attended college and obtained her first job is unparalleled with how I achieved these same things in life. Similar instances, different meaning, and significance.

Now about adulting. The reason I bring up history is because the events from the past greatly influence the future, including the actions of our ancestors in our own lives. In terms of our ancestors, they have fought wars, fought injustices on the home front, and tried to raise families at very young ages. The key to figuring how to Adult is in the idea of responsibilities at a young age. I am no way shape or form trying to excuse or say that one generation of people had it harder than the other.  I am saying that there are more joker cards stacked against us than our forebears.

In my generation, I have lived through: Columbine, Sandy Hook, 9/11, Virginia Tech, The Los Angeles Race Riots, WWE, Clinton Scandal(s), The recession, Stock Market Crashes, The housing market crash, bailouts, the Club Pulse hate crime, Trayvon Martin, and many other’s deaths, and may more instances than I like to count. I was born in 1992 and my generation of children have had to grow up with the constant fear of going to school and possibly not going home. I can see why people don’t really want to Adult or can’t adult. We are in a permanent fight or flight response. We had to grow up way too quick to protect ourselves in a hastily ever changing world.

How to Adult... We don’t. We child. We reject the rules and standards of society within reason. The same society that tells us to grow up is the same that built this hellscape.

Blow those bubbles inside. Dress in mismatching patterns and flaunt it. If you want to travel the globe in a van converted into a house, DO IT.

A quick explanation for those who don’t understand. Life is short. We are never promised tomorrow. That is exactly why we have to live for today. Millennials seem ungrateful, but we know better. We have seen and heard so much from a young age, no wonder we are depressed and anxious.

Let them hate from afar for you being giddy riding the tram to go to Disney World (see post picture, that lady was throwing some serious shade). Let them call you irresponsible for spending your hard earned money on a traveling adventure. Spend the rest of your income tax return on those books that have been on your amazon wish list for ages. Exploring your life and figuring yourself out isn’t selfish or childish. It is the true essence of “Adult”(let’s bottle that up and sell it “adult, true essence”).

I hope you enjoyed this random piece. I am hoping to post some examples of “adulting” every Thursday. Stay tuned and I looked forward to playing with you all again soon.

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So far so good

A little personal snippet about myself. I basically spent the last six years of my college career pursuing majors that don’t fit what I truly love. It wasn’t until my final year(s)(I say years because it is taking me longer than I want to graduate) that I found my calling. I absolutely love writing about and playing video games.

I’m not talking about New York Times Reviews writing either. I am hinting at critical analyses of games and their influence as an art and as a technical tool that we use. One of my favorite writers and easiest, in my opinion, to digest is Ian Bogost. I have been reading some of his works slowly. It’s not that it’s not engaging, far from it. I have been so consumed with work and then spending hours on the weekend playing Twilight Princess HD (it’s amazing if you don’t know, it’s so fluid and engaging).

I stumbled upon his work in my senior year of undergrad and referenced his work  in my essay about empathy in gaming, primarily focusing on Nintendo’s Majora’s Mask for 3DS for analysis.

So far, everything I have read about him and his written works are great. He is a credible source with many years under his belt. So far so good.

If you yourself would like to partake in some of his works here is a link to all the things he has published on his own site. Ian Bogost published books. I honestly think his website is a wordpress site, but I could be wrong.

Please enjoy his many works, I know I have and currently am. Until next time, Player one has exited the game.

The Con in Conventions


Squirtle Squad, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, and Pikachu at MetroCon Tampa 2016


I have been going to cons since I could afford to go. When I started to attend University I became more aware that there were these things such as cons. My first convention was Metrocon in Tampa and it sort of grew from there.  I have made great friends at Cons. One of my closest friends I met at MetroCon last year. She is an absolute treat and has her own Patreon and Tumblr Account. I’ll post about her in my diary/log page. This year MetroCon offered free autographs from all the celebrities at the con to all attendees. That is what set it aside and higher tier than MegaCon this year. Step the game up MegaCon. I’ll be attending Animate! This year in Ft. Lauderdale FL, which will be a first for me.


Since this is convention season I thought I would talk about the Con in Conventions. Aside from the highway robbery that is convention food prices (like what the hell?) I have some issues with how people A) act at cons and B) how some people treat the people that go to their cons. I particularly don’t like how some of the vendors in the vendor room treat the congoers. They sometimes stare at people in cosplay and judge them. Others I understand they need to make money but they hike up the prices so high. I am not talking about the artists at all. They work hard and pay a lot for their work, with that being said, please do not take pictures of their art without asking.


When I say how people treat the people that go to their cons, I am talking about the great Santa Fe Comic Con debacle. You know, the one where the organizer slut shames and takes on an angry beast which is the cosplay community. I personally love perks just paying to be at a convention. I am still in awe of what MetroCon did this year. Most people spend all their available funds for a hotel and attendance, not counting their cosplay, so it helps when they cut autograph costs to non-existent.


I am not going to talk about the issues with cosplaying in this post as I have had no issues at any of the cons I attended with shaming or harassment. My friend always dresses in rave gear and has not had any problems except that she gets stopped constantly for pictures, which can get annoying when she is trying to browse or wait in line.

As always, I will be posting about the next convention I go to and you all stay safe. Player one has saved the game.

Long Time, no post.

I realized that I haven’t posted anything since March of this year. I promise to keep a more consistent posting schedule. A lot has happened since then. I had applied for two jobs, went to interviews, and was not successful. I applied for others and never got call backs. I guess at the time it just wasn’t the right time. I’m exploring other avenues for work and sustainability as I’m drained in my current field.

In April, I surprised Brian and took him to our favorite Barcade Player 1 in Orlando, FL. We also went to the Replay Amusement Museum in Tarpon Springs, FL. I, personally, preferred Player 1 as it had more arcade cabinets and we could play the SNES. The Replay Museum, however, had more classic cabinets like the Original Mario Bros and the Classic Star Wars arcade game.

In May, it’s been nothing but work. Recently, Brian had a near death experience that has taken a toll on the both of us. I am grateful we found him and that it could have been much worse. He still having back issues, so I’m still playing nurse. We haven’t been able to go out much since April, but we did manage to go to MegaCon in Orlando this weekend. I didn’t get any pictures of Cosplayers as I am too shy to ask and my social anxiety was peaking due to the mass amounts of people. I did purchase a cute Moogle stuffy from Final Fantasy.

I did manage to get into an MMORPG during this time. I started playing Tree of Savior, a Korean MMO, with Brian. I have powered through it trying to achieve the Dragoon class. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to get into an MMO for the first time. It’s simple enough and has tutorials galore. We paid to play for early access and some extra stuff like in-game credits etc. It should be free to play very soon. I get a little irritated at times due to glitches and the occasional, “I can’t move because this wall in the game is blocking my clicking to move”, but it’s pretty fun so far and I have only met people who mean well when I do dungeon raids.


SPOILER Note: he’s not really a Historian. No historian is THAT attractive. ToS gameplay.

I have some great posts planned and some that are stimulating at the very least. That’s about it. I’ll have more posted this week since tomorrow is an American holiday, Memorial Day. In the meantime, I’ll place some suggested songs at the end of this post for you all to enjoy in the meantime.

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Suggestive Sunday

Well hello there good looking! Welcome to the first post of Suggestive Sundays where I list some of my favorite songs, foods, games, books, and videos of the past week. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these things as much as I do and possibly gain some EXP by enjoying some new things.

This week in songs has to be this amazing song by Tokyo Elvis. I absolutely love Vocaloid songs. I view it a talent to e able to convey emotions with a computer program. I also have to add that the fantastic Blood Code • ブラッドコード has uploaded a full version of Casino Zone. If you love chiptune remixes Blood Code is a must.

In terms of food products, Starbucks has come out with a Citrus Green Tea Latte/Frappucino Duo. It contains green tea, citrus mint syrup, and Macha. I personally enjoy the iced latte version of this drink. My only qualm with it is the Macha loves to sit on the bottom of the cup.

My games of the week are Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS, Final Fantasy Explorers for the same system, and the newly released Twilight Princess HD for the WiiU. Twilight Princess HD is beautiful and truly embodies all that the first release wanted to give to the player. Also, the Wolf Link Amiibo is freaking adorable. However, according to the Nintendo America website, it isn’t listed as compatible with Hyrule Warriors at this time, or any game for that matter. We will just have to wait and see. I will most certainly be testing it out in the near future when I need a change of pace from Twilight Princess HD.

I am still trying to finish up reading Ian Bogost’s How to Talk About Videogames. I’ll be writing a critique and some thoughts about the book as soon as I finish it.

So what are your thoughts on Twilight Princess HD?  Have you had any new conquests in the games you have played recently? Or, what do you think of the amazing video game inspired tracks I have suggested? Please leave your comments below.

TBT: Ninja Sex Party

Ninja Sex Party, or NSP for short, has just announced the release of their new cover album Under the Covers. It’s due for release March 4th and they have released a video for one of their covers of  Take on Me. So far the video and the previews of the songs on the album are killer and with the collaboration with Tupper Ware Remix Party it’s certainly guaranteed to be worth every penny spent.

Dan Avidan, the vocalist, just has an amazing voice that just makes sweet unadulterated love with one’s ear drums. He is quite talented which is becoming ever more apparent in this album. However it can be easily argued that he could have gone a higher octave, nonetheless, he is becoming more and more impressive each and every time a new album comes out. Brian Wecht isn’t a push over either, going by “Ninja Brian”, kicking some serious ass on the actual  music.

Now, for your listening pleasure is their version of Take on Me.  You can also pre-order their new album here:

Just a few things

For my first ever post I would like to introduce myself first and foremost, I am a filthy casual gamer. Yes, I know. Even saying it gives me a dirty taste in my mouth but it is true. Recently I have started playing the new Final Fantasy Explorers game. I can only play so much as I have promised my manfriend that we would play together. Our schedules don’t mesh unfortunately so I have had to put that on hold. So far I give it a 7 out of 10 mudkips. I can’t really stick by this rating as I haven’t: A) fully completed the game, B) played a new Final Fantasy game since XII, and C) my most recent has been replaying a PSP remake of FFIV (which is the best, CECIL). It offers the Dragoon class which to me is awesome. This is also coming from someone who cannot afford FFXIV online and I would most certainly choose to be a Dragoon.

Besides me being a casual in which Miyamoto has shown his disdain for, I have many other interests in pop culture. Many eons ago I would have never been able to call gamer or nerd culture pop culture but it is becoming more acceptable to identify as such. It’s actually a fad among young teens. I have grown up immersed in the nerddom from Star Wars marathons every summer at my grandmother’s house as far as to watching my uncle program and debug some quests on the old but familiar MMORP EverQuest.  As a product of the 90s I also enjoy tons of anime and manga, more so manga as I enjoy the art style.

How does this all correlate or have any meaning to this blog? Why should I read this?

Well, for the first question you may be asking yourself, these are some of the things I will be discussing or writing about here. It all started with a short college paper about MMORPs and subjectivity. I enjoyed writing this paper and plan to write many more lengthy papers. I went on to write a 15-page analysis paper on Nintendos  Majora’s Mask and Empathy in games and cannot see myself writing about anything else. At this time, I will use this as a format to get some ideas ironed out and share them with the world. As for the second posed question, it may be enjoyable and in this format, I highly suggest becoming an active participant by discussing the topics presented and commenting.

I greatly hope that you enjoy everything that is posted here and if not please be respectful and intelligent with your responses.

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